Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Chronic Pain Art Project

My name is Jessica Ann Lane Massingill and I deal with chronic, debilitating pain on a daily basis.  Art helps me to heal, to deal with my feelings and accept my lot.  However, I have found it extremely hard to explain, show, get out exactly what it feels like and what is wrong- especially to doctors.

Therefore, on my website, I have started a project called "The Chronic Pain Art Project".  Anyone is welcome to join, especially those who deal with Chronic Pain, care givers, doctors, etc.  There are also sources on other Chronic Pain Projects.

Above is the link to my website page.  I also have a private Facebook group that you are more than welcome to join.

Thank you for listening :-)

BTW:  I would like to start doing sculpture for this project.  If you know of any mannequins, dolls, dummys, old science models of the body, I would LOVE to have them!  I will pay shipping :-)
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