Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lifebook Weeks 11-15

Week 11:  Tree of Life with Tamara Laporte
This one was done in only tinted charcoals (I LOVE THESE)

Week 12 and 13 are in progress LOL

Week 14:  Spring Time Journaling with Dyan Reaveley
Spray Inks Collage
This one was so easy and great for an art journaling page. Plus, Dyan is a hoot to watch!  
Spray inks, Stencils, Collage, Black Pen

Week 15:  Quirky Animals Spirit Totem with Tamara Laporte
I went to and took their quiz.  I found out that the butterfly was my spirit animal :-)  Watercolor crayon, acrylic, faber-castell markers, india inks, collage

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