Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Of Days: Self-Love Edition Art Journaing with Effy Wild Weeks 1-6

Having found out in therapy that I needed to give my inner child a little more attention, I signed up for Effy Wild's Book of Days:  Self-Love Edition (like, the only one I have NOT taken LOL). My usual style of art journaling is quick and messy.  However, I felt the need to take my time and really do the work on these spreads.  It really does help!

Cover Page for my art journal

Week 1:  Setting my intention

Week 2:  My True Colors
I own a print of Tamara Laporte's and it inspired me to do this spread.  I just love the colors and it seems like this girl could be me :-)

Week 3:  Self Love Primer
I go the information for this spread from a wonderful article

Week 4:  Flower Moon Boon- A Wish upon a sunflower

Week 5:  Self Care steps
I own a copy of the book by Jane Davenport
"Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces"
and this face inspired me.

Week 6:  Multiday Spread
I already keep a daily journal so for this lesson I simply wrote about
what I did this week pertaining to this particular art journal.