Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 26 with Andrea Gomoll

I finally found a bit of time to do week 26's lesson and I enjoyed it very much!  As some of you know, I have fibromyalgia and everything that goes with it.  The lesson's theme was about expressing our inner male archetype, our strong side.  For me, nothing says "I m strong" other than being a FIBRO WARRIOR PRINCESS :-)  As with Lupus, the symbol for fibromyalgia is a purple butterfly.  Therefore, I repeated the purple butterfly in the background using a stencil by Tamara Laporte, modeling paste, and Panpastels.  I continued to include a purple butterfly embellishment into her 'thorny' crown, as well as a purple ribbon to show support.  The journaling around her head is done in white Posca Pen and says:  If you are in pain, don't feel down.  Simply smile and pick up your crown.  Princess of Pain you now are.  A positive attitude will get you far.  I found this on the internet by there was no author to give credit :-(

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Inner Excavation Art Journaling- FREE :-)

Image from Liz's blog


Image from Liz's blog

For the past two years, Liz Lamoreux has had something special, and free, to offer to her readers.  I had participated, along with Effy Wild, to explore some art journaling in response to Liz's book "Inner Excavation".  I had also participated last year in Liz's free minicourse called "Yes, This" and VERY much enjoyed it.  You can search my blog posts on each of these or follow this link and look at my tags for inner excavation and yes this.

Liz is getting ready to offer her FREE online  Inner Excavate Along with Liz on July 6th!  Did I mention it's FREE and FUN!  Her book is amazing and she has it on sale on her website, or you can get a copy for your kindle on Amazon.

I will be Inner Excavating Along with her again this year and posting my art journal pages.  Won't you join us?