Friday, February 27, 2015

It's a Takis Party!!!!! Happy Birthday Noah!

Who likes TAKIS?  My not-so-little-anymore boy does!  He would eat them day and night if he could!  So what better theme for his birthday this year than TAKIS!  Thanks to Patticakes Bakery for the second year in a row making a lovely and very tasty cake :-)

Monday, February 23, 2015

RESTORE: Challenge #3 Scrapbooking From The Inside Out

Here is my take on the third challenge for this month's theme- RESTORE.  It is about reconnecting with my aunt Barbara who has MS and I haven't seen in a long time.  I also have neurological issues and so I feel a connection with her and am happy to say that I am planning a family vacation to go and see her this summer.  It is very important to me as she cannot go anywhere and, for now, I sometimes am able.  To my beautiful Aunt Barbara.....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 7 Part 2

This week we got TWO bonus lessons in our Life Book 2015 group!  Yippee!!!  This one was from Violette Clark  She created a little version of her own cottage on paper and added little paper notes that meant something special to her to the rooftop.  In my version, I added lots more texture and layers and a house that opens up to have a large space in which to journal.  This was a quick and fun little art journal page to brighten up your day :-)

Scrapbooking From the Inside Out RESTORE Challenge 2

This month's theme is RESTORE and I love this month's theme as well as the kit!  Well, the second journal prompt is up and here is my take on it:  The Journaling explains the Layout.  I used all kit content from the spray ink, the stencil, the embellishments, and the Project Life Cards.  I had previously made the doll out of paper clay and we used acrylics to paint her up!  Just FYI...... Sharpie Permenant Marker Pens are NOT Permenant!  Boo Sharpie..... I had to repaint her face.... but, oh well.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did creating it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 Artist Trading Cards

Lifebook 2015-Week 7 Part 1

This week in our Lifebook 2015 group, we had two bonus teachers!  This post is about the first, with Jill K. Berry ( where is did a fabulous job showing us how she makes a paper doll heart community book.  She creates the same kind of paper dolls we all did in grade school and arted them up to make them represent special people to her.  She also included a door where she could journal about how special each person is in her life.

As I sat and started cutting out my accordian paper dolls and thinking of who I was going to art them into, it occurred to me that they looked like pixelated people and that my family is very important to me and wouldn't it be cool to turn each one of us into Mario Bros. characters instead?  Heh?

So I started with making a background.  I can't just have paper dolls floating around.  They have to be going on a quest to the castle, right?  Well, Peach has already been saved so that means the family has to stick together and guard the castle.  But, against whom?  (I tried making the cover a Bowser but he just looked like a wookie in a ninja turtle costume LOL).  I hope this makes someone smile today :-)  Here are the Pics!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Proud of myself, Met a Few Goals, and Word for the Year

I have recently been under a lot of pressure, self-enduced, of course.  However, It has paid off through focus and determintaion.  Did I mention that DETERMINATION was my word for the year?  Anyway, I have been pushing myself to accomplish a few small little goals that I have not been able to do before.

First, I have been determined to keep going to doctor's appointments and tests even though some days I feel like they are pointless or are doing no good. (Part of taking care of myself)

Second, I have been participating a a couple of weekly art journal groups.  I may not be posting what I write on a daily basis, but, I am there, in the background.  This helps me to set weekly goals and to keep track of what I am doing.

Third, I actually applied for a Design Team Call for an art company!!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!! Yeah Me!!!!!  That forced me to get somewhat organized and on the ball.  Cross your fingers for me :-)

Fourth, and this is really important, I submitted my first art piece to a major publication.  It was only one piece but at least I DID IT!!!!!! I have been wanting to submit for almost two years now.

I am determined to stay organized, focused, and not push myself too hard.  Oh, and I even had time to participate in an ATC swap!  HA!  Now, if I could only get caught up in my Lifebook 2015 course.......

Today is my oldest son's birthday.  It is hard to believe how quickly they grow up!  He is 23.  I had to go to the GYN today for a follow up for my hysterectomy and reminded her that she had delivered Byron 23 years ago today......... time flies.....

Anyway, I will post pics of my projects when I can.  Love and support to you all, Jess

Sunday, February 8, 2015

RESTORE: Art Journal Challenge #1 SFTIO Feb 2015

This Month's Theme at is RESTORE.  I think that everyone needs to take the time to restore themselves from time to time.  How about now?  

Of course, I needed to start a new art journal as I had filled my last one completely full!  I chose a notebook from Studio C at carolinapad.comI buy mine from Walgreens Pharmacy.  They are about $6 and have an elastic band to keep the chunky journals shut and so many thick pages that you don’t even have to glue them together or gesso them if you don’t want to do anything heavy.  They are good for scrapbooking, art mediums, writing, etc.  

Here is the inside cover to my freshly started Art Journal.  I used the packaging that came with the rubons in the kit.... it was a clip board and I glued a Project Life card to it to record the monthly themes included in this journal.

The first page of this month's theme for RESTORE.  I looked up the definition for the word and it held great meaning for me as you will see in my journal entries.  I also like to use my Fujifilm Instax camera to include impromptu pics for my art journal pages.  I used kit materials for this layout.
This is my interpretation of the meaning of RESTORE.  For me, I interpreted it as 'to bring back'.  I used kit materials for everything  in this layout except the washi tape and pens.  I am so in love with these colors!

I love to write.  So for Challenge #1, I wrote the prompt and my musings about the prompt.

Here I have started a page where I intend to made three columns.  One for the things that need strengthening, one for actions I can take to strengthen them, and a third for positive outcomes from these actions.  I played around with the stencil and spray ink that came in the kit and used the last little bit of that fabulous paper!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Last Valentine's Day: The Best Ever

V-Day 2014 was the best of my life.  I shared it with my sweetie ie whom I married this past New Year's Eve in Las Vegas ;-)  One of the reasons that it was the best was because of the gift that he gave to me.  I know that sounds materialistic and shallow but, really, it's not.  You see, he wrote me a poem and read it aloud to me.  In the poem he told me, for the first time, that he was madly in love with me.  I won't be sharing that poem, of course, but what I will share is the painting that I had made for his Valentine's Day gift.  It actually almost did not exist.  Thank goodness for spray fixative!  When I was finished, I left it on my workspace over night.  When I woke up the next morning, it was covered in water!  Standing water!  It was a watercolor painting!  The cat had knocked over my huge jar of paintbrush water trying to steal his favorite wash brush.  Anyway, with a little touch up here and there, it was ready for gift giving.

Ready..... here it is :-)  I still love this painting..... it hangs on our bedroom wall.

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Started with a BANG!!!

I have been so busy since Christmas and have hit the ground running since the beginning of 2015!  Where did January go?  THe best part is I got ring in the new year in the best possible fashion...... with a wedding and honeymoon in VEGAS!!!!

This is the link where you can see all of the lovely pictures and video of our amazing wedding and trip to Las Vegas During New Year's Eve 2014 :-)

BTW, all of my headpieces were created by
and the chapel we used was Our experience was divine and included everything we needed, except the dress which I got at David's Bridal and the Tux which he already had.  We always stay at the Riviera hotel because we love the location and they are very cheap and clean.

I hope you enjoy :-)