Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lifebook 2015-Week 7 Part 1

This week in our Lifebook 2015 group, we had two bonus teachers!  This post is about the first, with Jill K. Berry ( where is did a fabulous job showing us how she makes a paper doll heart community book.  She creates the same kind of paper dolls we all did in grade school and arted them up to make them represent special people to her.  She also included a door where she could journal about how special each person is in her life.

As I sat and started cutting out my accordian paper dolls and thinking of who I was going to art them into, it occurred to me that they looked like pixelated people and that my family is very important to me and wouldn't it be cool to turn each one of us into Mario Bros. characters instead?  Heh?

So I started with making a background.  I can't just have paper dolls floating around.  They have to be going on a quest to the castle, right?  Well, Peach has already been saved so that means the family has to stick together and guard the castle.  But, against whom?  (I tried making the cover a Bowser but he just looked like a wookie in a ninja turtle costume LOL).  I hope this makes someone smile today :-)  Here are the Pics!


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