Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inner Excavation Chapter 2 "Home"

Chapter 2 still looks at photos to tell a story but we look in the past.  The writing focused on the senses.  I chose my favorite photo of myself as a child and wrote about what I imagine using all of my 5 senses plus the 6th sense of "knowing" to write my piece of poetry.

I will try to post close up photos of the pic and the poem when my computer and internet decide to behave

Inner Excavation Project "The Artist Interview" art journal spread

The overall question is "Who are you?"  The first thing I did was answer the questions on paper.  Then I started thinking about my art journal spread......hmmmmm
The first thing that popped into my mind was Horton who is listening for the answers......

So here is my spread :-)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inner Excavation Project

currently at Effy has a wonderful FREE art journaling project that she is doing with anyone who wants to participate.  It is based on the book "Inner Excavation" and you can find out more about that here

The first journaling prompts were about using pictures to document your daily life, writing a poem about "I am...", and other things that you can read up on if you are interested.  The book is available for download on Amazon (that's what I did for my Kindle Fire).

Here is my cover and my first art journal page.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Willowing Summer Girls Class Painting

This class was fun to do with my 7 year old step daughter.  She is learning soooooo much and loves art!  She also thinks it's neat that you can learn from people on the computer from the other side of the world :-)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Willowing Lifebook 2013 Week 25 with Mitsi B

OMG!  I lurve Mitsi B!!!!  She is so cool! Anyway, check her out at
This lesson was about honoring your emotions and expressing the true you.  Here is my take...... this is the outside of my piece...

And I'm not quite done with the inside but here is what I got so far....

On second thought, I think I will just wait until it's done :-)  My piece shows that it's ok to feel blue sometimes as long as you can see the bright side as well.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Willowing Lifebook 2013 Week 24 Kelley Hoerning

This is my unfinished piece.  I still need to add details and eyelashes and stuff but I am a little scared that I will mess it up LOL Maybe I will seal it with gel medium and then work on it some more :-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Approachable Art by Judi Hurwitt: Summer Gelli Fun

Approachable Art by Judi Hurwitt: Summer Gelli Fun: This video by Joan, over at GelliArts, fascinated me! I had to give it a shot. It explains how to use clear packing tape to pull prints of...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Willowing Week 20 with Effy the Wild

Willowing Week 19 Messages from "The Muse" with Shiloh Sophia

The original lesson was what inspired me to do this canvas for my wall as inspiration.  I think she turned out pretty well, don't you think?  LOL

Willowing Week 22: "Stardust" ATC

Here are my cards from the 22nd week in which we did Artist Trading Cards with the theme of "Star Dust". I thought they turned out cute.  I really like the angel one :-)  Anyway, I go the images from a free vintage online clipart website

Willowing Lesson Week 23: Honouring Your Feelings With Tam

My little Step-Daughter is LOVING the mixed media art lessons I have been giving her.  She is AMAZED that water color crayons are paint and the amazing qualities they possess :-)  By the way, she is 7 years old :-)  Here is a picture of my page from the lesson.

I think I'll start with ATC's I've been working on

Here is a picture of the ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I've been working on for the Willowing June Swap.  The theme was travel/ summer/ maps, etc.

I'm Alive!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, let me say first, that creating your own homestead from scratch may be hard..... but cleaning up someone else's mess and THEN creating your own homestead from scratch is REALLY hard :-)

I've been out here in the woods with my cabin, buff orpington chicks who grow bigger everyday, homeschooling Noah, my tiny garden, my very own art studio, and NO INTERNET!!!!

It's really not that bad.  I grew up in the country and small town in Arkansas so no biggie.  I just really missed high speed internet.  After a few months of consideration, I decided to go with satellite internet service.  Now someone had told me that it is crappy but after several days of it, I am happy.  Of course, it is expensive but it is one of my forms of entertainment and helps me with my art and art classes and to stay in touch with the world.

With that said, my dilemma is now phone service.  I have a great phone with great service..... in the city.  However I can't use it where I live.  So basically, I could only use it when I drove two miles down the road into town LOL.  I could text, however :-)  So, I have been thinking about just ditching the whole good phone with internet and special stuff and just going with a prepaid minutes phone for emergencies only.  That way the phone is very cheap, almost free, and I just load a few minutes on there every now and then.
I spend most of my time at home and would only need the phone to make phone calls to make appts and in emergency situations.  Any thoughts?

Now that I have internet, I can post pictures of my homestead and my art.  So stay posted.  See you later, Jess