Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Updates to my website

Slowly, but surely, I have been pecking away at my WordPress Site where you can find everything in one place :-)  I surely love my BlogSpot, however, an actual webpage is what I was desiring and the blog is complimentary to the webpage.  I would appreciate it if you would check out what I have accomplished so far, not having a nice friendship with WordPress in the past LOL ;-P

You can also find buttons for my social media sites so that you can follow me, all located in one place.

I would love to get feed back on my site (remembering it is a lovely work in progress), so let me know what you think!!!!

Loves!  Jessie

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 2016 Design Team Challenges for Tangie Baxter & Co. Art Journal Pockets

Hello Everyone :-)  As a design team member for Tangie Baxter & Co. I have an awesome collection of digital goodies for the Art Journal Pockets (AJP's) and love to participate in the challenges!  In case you don't know what all the rage about AJP's is about, you can visit and- get this- you can sign up for her FREE AJP workshop and get some freebie printable AJP's as well!!

Every year, as we say goodbye to the end, we are usually celebrating several December birthdays in our house.  This was a special birthday for my husband and myself (we both went over the hill), as well as an awesome time for our son to turn 15 and my mother to turn...... well, you will find out :-)
Here is my AJP page for the January challenge "Circles, Dots, and Spirals".  I used Art Journal Pocket sheet TB123 and created the page digitally in PSE (which I really am not good at but this is SOOOOO easy).

  January is a fabulous time to start anew and planners are all the rage at this moment.  There are so many choices!  I have made my choice because it fits my needs and is already a part of what I use- Tangie Baxter's beautiful digital goodies!  Surprise!  LOL....... I am NOT on the design team for the TANGIBLE PLANS SYSTEM but I sure do like the simplicity of it, for me anyway.  She does all the work for the printables OR you can customize them yourself!

Anyway, as a design team member for AJP's I can cross-over designs.  By that, I mean, for the other January 2016 AJP design challenge, "GOALS", I chose to use the Art Journal Pockets Sheet TB147 AND include it in my planner for 2016!  Isn't that great!

By the way, the Tangible Plans Workshop is on sale for $10 and you get tons of videos and printables.  So easy!  Even my best friend, who has never taken an online class or workshop, signed up immediately for this!

In my half sized planner, very first page- I used a photo, my beloved Sakura pens, and some scrapbook flowers and gems:-)  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Lifebook 2016 Week 3 with Melody Ross

Lifebook 2016 Week 3
Melody Ross
"Your Sacred Box of Wisdom"

"My Sacred Box of Love"

This week's lesson, with the fabulous Melody Ross, was wonderful.  I love the way she encourages people to be their very best and don't let anything get you down.  Anyway, Her lesson was on creating a sacred box of wisdom.  Everyone has this that they carry around, things that they have learned and earned to make them a better person.  I, however, decided that I needed a box of love to carry around with me right now and so that is the direction I went with this lesson.   

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lifebook 2016 Week 2 with Ivy Newport

This week in Lifebook 2016
with Ivy Newport
Theme:  Patch it up and Make it Shine!

In this lesson, we wrote down all of the negative things that we wanted to leave behind in 2015.  Then, we patched it up, making it shining and new, for 2016.
For my page, I actually had a lot to leave behind, as 2015 was not kind to me.  Therefore, I had many layers of collage and paint and gesso before I ended up with the art journal page you see here.  I came across this magazine photo and it screamed my name.  I love the lace in her dress and repeated the pattern in the flowers you see using modeling paste.  Along with some charcoal, Art Anthology paints, and some glitter, I made my new year shine!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lifebook 2016 Week 1 with Tam Laporte

Materials and Processes:

  • Water Color Crayons (first layer)
  • Pitt Pen (outlining and detail work)
  • Matte medium and Collage Papers  and Washi Tape (next layer)
  • Art Anthology Paints (next layer) 
  • Aqua Markers and White Sakura Pen (more details)
  • Stickers (words, letters, and numbers)
  • Glass Beads Medium and Star confetti (background)
  • Butterfly cut outs and Pop Dots (finishing touches)
For 2016, my word that I chose to concentrate on is HEALING.  With my best friend at my side (my kitty) and my spirit animals, the butterflies (technically these are moths), I intend to "Begin a Healing Journey".

Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016 and a New Planner System

As some of you know, I am on the Art Journal Pockets design team for Tangie Baxter & Co.  So when she invited our design team to participate in her PLANNER SYSTEM,  I was so excited!  I have been using planners for many years but either plain and simple or art journal style.  I decided to try Tangie's system and it is awesome, especially if you are into art and mixed media and like to do things digitally but don't have to :-)

Right now, she has a CLASS on on how to use the system and it is on sale for only $10!!!!  Plus, you get lots of freebie downloads and learn a few tips in photoshop.

I am using a half size planner and have a tutorial for setting up the beginning pages

Tangible Plans™ 2016 "How To" Workshop & Exclusive 2016 Packages

Tangible Plans™ 2016 "How To" Workshop & Exclusive 2016 Packages