Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get Messy Art Journaling Introspection Week 1

This week started a new season over at Get Messy Art Journaling.  The season is about introspection and had several art and writing prompts to choose from.  

First, I used Golden fluid acrylics in Payne's Grey to try the ink blot technique suggested as one of the art prompts.

Next, I added a magazine image to collage in a representation of myself.  This was also a suggested art prompt.

After that, I added journaling.  One of the journal prompts was about your identity.  I made a list of who I am and used Posca paint markers to fill the page with my identifying titles.  I used the quote that was suggested for this week by Aristotle. 

Last, I added a border with Posca pen and collaged in the title for the beginning of the season and the page using scrapbook paper and a number 1 tag.  

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