Monday, May 9, 2016

Lifebook 2016 Week 18 with Effy Wild

Lifebook 2016 Week 18 with Effy Wild
Reframing Your Story
April 8, 2016

The Bones of My Story
WARNING:  This may be a trigger for some with sexual abuse or assault issues.  Not graphic.

I was a very pretty little girl and grown men were attracted to me.  I was never molested or assaulted but that doesn't mean that a couple of people didn't try.   I beat the shit out of one of them with a stick when I found him in my bedroom (YEAH ME!).  However, I found out my little sister had been a victim and this tore my heart out.  She was so young and I had NO IDEA that this was happening to her.  I thought it was only me because I was older, about 12 or somewhere around there.  I felt guilt because I didn't know and I could have protected her.  I know that we were not supposed to dive into a deep subject but I felt that, since I found out that this happened over the weekend and I am in daily intensive therapy for other things, I could handle this.  If not, then I had the support network in place.  I took this piece to my group therapy and shared.  On the inside of my self portrait, I intend to finish it with a painting of my sister as a little girl so that she can stand behind me and I can protect her.

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