Monday, May 16, 2016

A Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

"A Week in the Life"
May 2016

Every year, Ali Edwards has a project called "A Week in the Life" which I FINALLY got to participate in.  I stayed very simple and documented my day to day stuff.  Nobody's life is perfect.  Often times we see happy people posting happy pictures on social media.  I was very candid in my little book.  I have anxiety and depression, I am working on my marriage, and I have some disabilities.

I used a 4x4 2 ring binder album (, 4x4 protector sheets, and black 4x4 squares of scrapbook paper to make my album.

 I use my Fujifilm Instax camera and 5 cartridges of film (

I used a combination of Sakura Gelli Roll Pens (

and Posca Paint Pens (

I used a simple glue stick to adhere the photos to the black paper.

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