Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Get Messy Art Journal Season Of Happy: Prompts 1-4 and Title Page and Cover

WHEW!  Moving is such a chore!  I have been trying to play catch up on my art journaling and other projects since the move.  I am settled in and ready to roll.

The first catch up is for my GET MESSY art journal.  You can find details here on how to join us...  You, too, can become a "Get Messian" :-)

I am using an old book for my Get Messy Art Journal.  Here's the cover.
 Just some collage and some letter and number stickers.
I wanted to make a title page to represent the "Season of Happy".  More collage and letters.
 Just random things lying around that make me smile.

The title page and this spread were for prompt #1.  I actually had this old heart from another project last year that didn't work out the way I wanted so it got thrown into the "collage fodder" bin in my studio.
Sure enough, it was right for ME to use in this prompt.

Here is my spread for prompt #2.  I really don't like doodling so I used a floral 'coloring sheet' instead.
I took the quote from the prompt on happiness and this is what I journaled about.

For prompt #3, I used the quote, listened to the talk on happiness, and used the suggested techniques of randomness and graffiti.   This is about as close as I could get to graffiti LOL.
Here is my layout for prompt #4 (it looks a little more graffiti than my previous page LOL).  This prompt was based on the advice song "Wear Sunscreen"- I forget who it is by but you can google it or YouTube it :-)  I picked out all of the advice that I thought pertinent to my life.  Ironically, I have just turned 40 and the song referenced 'by the time you are 40', very often.  Anyway, the picture below is of the free advice and is on a tag, hidden inside the envelope on the page.

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