Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today starts a new chapter in the life of MessyJessy

Me and My Art in the Gallery

My youngest, almost 13! year old son

My husband and my friend's little boy (Isn't he adorbs?)

I currently live in Conway, Arkansas- not far from where I grew up in a little town called Morrilton.  I have lived in several different states and several different countries.  I have taught English as a Second Language to college aged students, as well as Math, English, Science and Art to students in grades 12-4th.  I have taught summer school to preschoolers up to 2nd graders.

Several years ago I started a new chapter in my life when I became totally and permanently disabled and could not work for numerous reasons.  That was also about the time I got divorced.  So, I sold my house and moved closer to my mother who is deaf and grandmother who is blind.  They are getting older and I thought that we could all take care of each other :-)  My sister and brother-in-law just bought a house with mother-in-law quarters so here I am, just me and my beloved husband Trey and my sons.  

This morning, I am moving 3/4 time up to Terra Studios to work on my art and healing my body from chronic pain.  I still live in Conway with my family but will be near Fayetteville most of the time.  They will come and stay with me and I will come and stay with them some, as it is harder for me to drive further than the grocery store.... on a good health day.

If you have never heard of Terra Studios, you may check out their website ......

There is a FREE art park that seems to go on for miles and is great for entertaining children and adults alike.  There is a gallery (I have pieces there :-) ), a cafe, classes, art lab, events, and so much more.  Did I mention that there are artist residency apartments/studios as well?  AWESOME! Right?

This is where my studio will be.  I encourage you to come for a visit in the North West Arkansas Ozark Mountains, as there are plenty of other things to do while you are there.  AND, you can stop in and visit me!
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