Friday, October 2, 2015

September Paint Swatch Mood Board with Art Anthology

I am still in love with this color pallette!  Love the turquiose, aqua, white, and rusty colors..... says fall to me.  It also says beach trip!  In just a few more days, I am going to visit in Portland and Yachats :-)  Squee!!!!  Super Excited!

Anyway, here is the paint pallette for September again that was posted on the Art Anthology blog....

I painted the butterfly on canvas to represent my spirit animal.
I have had this box sitting around my studio for ages.... I thought it was time to bring it out and  paint!  My intention is to put mini trinkets in to from my trip to Yachats beach when I return from my trip.

Oh my!  Isn't this yummy?  I made an accordian fold book to draw and journal and put pictures in from my trip.  This is the cover.

It is accordian fold so it will expand and I can put plenty of ephemera in it.  There is A LOT of texture so I added a layer of clear gesso to the pages.

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