Wednesday, March 18, 2015

EtsyFest Little Rock 2015 ...It's Pirate Season! Time for costumes, artwork, and more!

Whoa, have I been busy!  I am preparing for LREtsyFest 2015 (  I usually just sell my pirate costumes on Etsy in my shop ( but this year I am stock piling pirate costumes for the festival.  Pirate Costumes are good for year-round events such as birthday parties, Disney trips, and cruise ship pirate nights!  I will soon be putting up birthday party packs so check back often.  Right now I am working on a custom order for a family of 5 who are leaving on a Disney cruise in May!  How FUN!  I am also trying to get my pirate and mermaid artwork ready for the festival where you can buy original artwork and prints.  If you are not in the area, you can order prints from me on Society6 ( which has free worldwide shipping going on, or my Etsy shop (I am working on prints this week).

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