Friday, September 26, 2014

Yes, This with Liz Lamoreux Day 1

Like most people today, I don't have much time.  Life is hectic and ANYTHING can happen at ANYTIME.  I love to paint and create things, I actually like housework, and I love spending time with my family.

A while back, Liz Lamoreux had an Inner Excavate Along based on her book.

 I was introduced to this through Effy Wild. and we all played along.  It was great fun and I learned a lot about myself.

This week, Liz started another free 10 day adventure called Yes, This.

In my very limited time with kids and art and cleaning and health issues and costume making , I have found a few minutes here and there to participate.  Here are the day 1 journal prompt pages..... quick and easy!

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