Saturday, May 9, 2015

Noah's Class trip to NYC

My 12 year old son has never flown on a plane, hardly been away from anywhere around Arkansas, and he has Asperger's which is high functioning autism.  Life was hard when he was young.  He went to a special school and learned to function in a normal classroom.  Every time I would see Noah doing things that other kids his age were doing, it made me cry.  At school, he is bullied so the other day he came home so excited to go on this trip to New York City, it surprised me.  He said he wanted to go with his friends.  That make me cry LOL because there are a few kids out there that he considers to be friends :-)

Anyway, I am disabled and have a small income.  His father doesn't pay child support or have anything to do with him or give him Christmas or Birthday gifts.   I sell art and pirate costumes in my ETSY shop for a little extra income.
ALL of the money I make from sales will go toward his trip to make his dreams come true.  I am even offering a free shipping code freeshipfornoah .

I also have set up an account on GoFundMe for family and friends to donate to his trip :-)  He is a sweet boy and I would like to give him this one gift.

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