Friday, December 21, 2012

Playing Catchup..... Sooooo far behind :-)

Ok, so we are all busy these days with the holidays inching closer and closer!  So much to do!  Anyway, my grandmother has been in the hospital, I have been clearing land for a homestead (yes, you heard me right, I am a crazy tree hugger gonna live on a farm LOL), getting ready for a family Christmas at my house, and dealing with my husband's ex-wife who refused to put his daughter on the plane this time even though it is court ordered that she spends this Christmas break with us....... whooooooo....... anyhoo....enough about my personal life.  I will be posting my December Daily pages here shortly as well as a few other things, including a piece that I did for the families of the children and teachers of the Connecticut shooting last week.  My heart really goes out to all of those families as I am sure yours does as well.  So, enough, I need to start posting :-)
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